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The touch of time

“Time heals all. But what if time itself is the disease?”
Wim Wenders

In this topic, which I called “the touch of time”, I wanted to capture exactly what the title says, the touch of time on animate and inanimate beings and the marks it leaves on its passage.
I instinctively seek, through the images, to share the moment when the test of time becomes an ally in the animate and inanimate body. The rosy hands look like centuries-old olive roots, the wrinkles on an old body are identified with the folds of a plant. The stigmas of time on people and objects are the imprint of life, the essence itself, the quintessence of objects, whatever they are, dense foliage or the pulsating human flesh.
All these are the mirror of the soul and hide a beauty, a fragility that no grooming can dazzle.
It is a praise and admiration for the half-darkness, the smoky and blurred patina that objects (animate and inanimate) acquire over time.